About SoundVela

Sound Vela is a technology/Sound System review and information website that is designed to help you make better decisions about your Sound Gears purchases.

Welcome! My name is Muhammad Arslan Arain [ Facebook ]

I am an IT Engineer by profession. I have always had a very keen interest in IT-related stuff since childhood. My elder brother has studied Computer Systems Engineering and we have both learned a lot from each other.

I Have Always Lived and Breathed Tech

My childhood spent on building PCs and learning about various components, my engineering background, and my experience in Sound System have in a way prepared me for establishing a site like SoundVela.

So What Inspired Me?

Well, simply put, my own personal experience.

After having spent my entire life on the internet, I thought I could also do justice to a fair bit of tech-related topics.

Secondly, I have helped countless people choose the right type of hardware or IT product for themselves. So I thought I could help the internet out as well.

Can You Trust Me and My Team at SoundVela?

My team and I are committed to providing you the best source of technology product reviews and information on general topics that no one else tends to cover.

You can trust us because;

  • My team and I have vast experience – and interest – in the IT field.
  • We spend countless hours researching the right products to list for each category
  • We like to cover the product review topics from various angles so it covers many demographics.
  • We actively try to look for topics that are tough – and subsequently present the answer in a manner that a common consumer can understand.
  • You will notice that we DO NOT generally rank the products here. Why? well someone with a limited budget would have a different definition of the #1 product as compared to someone with no budget constraints. It is very easy to list the most expensive product as the best product in a given category and be done with it. It is an entirely different story when you are actually trying to gauge the performance/dollar value.

We hope you will enjoy SoundVela and perhaps find it useful.

Thank you so much for visiting my website.

Arslan Arain,