Best Bluetooth Headphones for Music: Parrot Zik and Harma

What Are The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Music?

When music lovers looking to purchase a set of high-quality Bluetooth headphones, there are many specific factors that they may want to keep in mind. How the product feels on their head and ears, how long the battery life of the set will work before needing a charge, the quality of the audio, and how well they cancel out background noise are important details to consider when purchasing a set of headphones that typically run a few hundred dollars.

This review will take a look at two of the most popular Bluetooth headsets available, the BT by Harmon Kardon and the Zik by Parrot, to help you make a decision as to which are the best Bluetooth headphones for music and voice calls.

General Look and Feel

The Parrot Zik is consistently applauded for its comfort and feel. The cushion that goes against the ear is lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours on end. They are also very light and some users will forget they are even wearing them.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
  • With Microphone
  • Best balance between price
  • Ultra-premium
  • Sound doesn’t leak
Best Bluetooth Headphones for Music

The main highlight of the Parrot Zik is its touch control panel. On the outer part of the headset, users can swipe up and down to control volume or left to right to control the currently playing track. You can also answer phone calls by simply touching the control panel. This touch control panel is the main draw to the Zik and, although a bit novel, it’s a great idea and is extremely intuitive with the makeup of the design. Where the touch panel lacks is the ability to activate voice activated phones. There is no option to hold down any part of the headphone in hopes to summon your personal assistant on your phone. It would be nice if this had been thought of when these headphones were created.

The Harman Kardon BT looks very different than most other headphones on the market. Instead of a rounded design, the BT headphones are rectangular shaped and look a bit like a phone themselves. The head support band offers an adjustable foam pad, much like the Zik.

  • Sonic clarity and accuracy
  • USB rechargeable
  • Passive playback mode
  • Ultra-premium
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Harman Kardon BT Premium Over-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth Technology

Users will be able to control their audio source with buttons that are located on the side of the headset. You can easily control volume and track selection, as well as answer phone calls with the buttons. Also, these headphones were made with Apple users in mind, as you can hold down to activate Siri on iOS devices. This is a great feature that is not offered on the Zik and makes Apple users favor the BT.

Audio Quality

The Zik offers a bevy of options with an included free mobile app that allows you to alter the sound quality of your headphones. That said, it doesn’t seem that there is any way to make it sound absolutely perfect. No matter how much you tweak with the app, the quality is comparable to cheaper wired headphones. Furthermore, some users noted that they heard a humming sound whenever audio wasn’t playing, like in-between tracks.

The Zik does, however, do a great job of canceling out noise from the outside world. Once this headset is on, you will be able to hear nothing but your music, even if it is a bit distorted.

What the BT lacks in ergonomic design, it makes up for with sound quality. No matter how you set your bass, treble or other audio settings, the BT produces an outstanding sound. Users report that they also do a surprisingly good job of canceling out surrounding noise, even with the different, square-shaped design. They truly are the best Bluetooth headphones for music as their sound quality is phenomenal.

Battery Life

Parrot claims that the battery of the Zik will last between five and twenty hours, depending on what levels they are being run at. However, many people have reported that typical run time is around six hours. The Zik does come with a replaceable battery that you can switch out on the go. This is extremely convenient on long trips or when you forget to charge the battery. However, in order to charge the battery, you need to do so while it is in the headphone.

There is no extra charging port sold by Parrot, which makes it a bit inconvenient for customers who consistently use their headphones. It would be nice to have a separate product to charge the battery when needed, though this is not an option.

The BT comes with a 12-hour rechargeable battery, which many users agree with as being pretty accurate. Although it does not afford the option of switching batteries, like the Zik, the extra few hours is a noticeable bonus offered with the BT. The BT also charges very quickly compared to other headsets, which is great when you are on the go and need your headphones with you.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth headphones can be a considerable financial investment. Upwards of a few hundred dollars for either the Zik or the BT, you want to make sure that you get the best set for your money. Both the BT and the Zik offer great highlights that make them two of the best Bluetooth headphones for music on the market. You can’t go wrong with either one.

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