The Best Bookshelf Speakers To Buy In 2020: Buying Guide

Years ago, high-quality sound used to be reserved for large or floor standing speakers. But that was history. Nowadays, consumers have many compact speakers with great sound quality in a wide variety of price ranges, which are called ‘bookshelf speaker’. Bookshelf speakers are small speakers that can fit in many places in a room. so that they are more convenient than large or floor standing speakers. However, it’s not easy for you to decide to buy any bookshelf speaker because there are too many of them in any price range.

The Best Bookshelf Speakers To Buy In 2020: Buying Guide

So, how to know which is the best bookshelf speaker to buy for yourself? The answer is it depends on the buyer’s needs and budget. Some people want to have a pair of speakers for their home entertainment systems or for listening to music; others just want a small speaker that can be carried along to many places like beach, picnic,…

I believe my short review here can help you pick the best bookshelf speaker for yourself. If you want to have more details about these bookshelf speakers, you can view the review list I made at the bottom of this article.

SONOS Best Bookshelf Speakers Family

SONOS is an ambitious speaker manufacturer, joined the audio speaker market in 2002. Their goal from the beginning is to reinvent home audio for the digital age. And they pushed out many amazing wireless bookshelf speakers with great looking and interesting features. We can see that they are still keeping their track.

SONOS Best Bookshelf Speakers
  • Mini but Mighty
  • Fits in any space
  • Home audio system
  • Wirelessly Stream
  • Perfect for home theater

SONOS Play:3

SONOS Play:1Play:3, and Play:5 are three wireless bookshelf speakers made by SONOS. At first look, the design of these speakers is very nice. They are clean, simple, and don’t have many wires so that they are easy for us to setup. I recommend you put them in the living room, your house will impress guests by a modern and good looking audio theater.

SONOS Play:3
  • Delivers richer and deeper sound
  • Play different songs in different rooms
  • Home audio system
  • Wireless speakers
  • Perfect for home theater

We control them through SONOS’s app, available on Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android. SONOS made it easy to understand their app’s functions. You just have to connect speaker, app (through your laptop, PC, or mobile phone) to the same Wi-Fi. The special thing is you can turn two speakers (same type) into a stereo pair which can bring a better listening experience to you.

SONOS Play:5

The sound quality of these bookshelf speakers can please most of us. Some picky speaker buyers can say that they don’t sound as good as other speakers at the same price. But everyone should know that there are not many bookshelf speakers out there that can bring the listening experience as SONOS ones can. Their technology and appearance are also worth paying for. I recommend Play:1 for your bedroom, Play:3 or Play:5 for your living room (depends on your budget, the Play:5 is higher than Play:3 but sounds better).

SONOS Play:5
  • Works with Alexa for voice control
  • Bigger sound wireless speaker
  • Connects directly to your home’s WiFi
  • Wirelessly streams your music
  • Start with any Sonos speaker

Notice that only Play:3 can pair with SONOS’s Playbar. If you want better bass, you can purchase a SONOS SUB, a wireless subwoofer.

The Best Bookshelf Speakers in low-price range

Don’t worry if you want to buy a good pair of bookshelf speakers with a small budget, there are always many options for you. With $100 to $150, I recommend for you four best bookshelf speakers in this price range that really can blow you out with their first sound.

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR (BS22 in short)

Bookshelf speaker designed by Andrew Jones, a famous high-class speaker maker. This guy is the father of many expensive speakers, which cost up to $80,000 and he wanted to challenge himself with making speakers in a new segment. And he must be proud of BS22. It’s a decent speaker, works great for most genres of music. Believe me, picky buyers, it’s a pair of bookshelf speakers that are worth every single penny you pay for it.

Pioneer SP-BS22-LR (BS22 in short)
  • Bigger sound wireless speaker
  • High Efficiency Soft Dome tweeter
  • Multi-channel home theater system

Sony SS-B1000

It’s usually not easy for us to find a good deal of Sony’s products because Sony is not a bargain brand. However, Sony SS-B1000 is a great pair of bookshelf speakers that you should try. Its woofer brings great bass quality that you can’t expect an under-$100 pair. SS-B1000 works well with most genres of music and if you are a big fan of jazz music, you should not skip it.

Sony SS-B1000
  • 300 WATT POWER
  • 20kHz frequency response
  • Passive bookshelf speakers

Micca MB42X

one another decent bookshelf speaker I want to show you. There are not many speakers at this price point that have a nice appearance and good sound quality at the same time. But MB42X does. This pair will please your eyes with rounded edges on the cabinet, a faux wood grain finish, and great build quality. Its size can fit with many places in standard rooms so that you can decide where to put it on easily. And the sound quality is great for a small room but if you want it to rock larger rooms, a subwoofer is needed.

Micca MB42X
  • Balanced woven carbon fiber woofer
  • Inhanced transient and impactful bass
  • High performance silk dome tweeter
  • Highly optimized 18dB crossover
  • Delivers extended bass response

Many people don’t know Dayton as a speaker manufacturer. They are well-known as a seller of raw loudspeaker drivers and speaker-building accessories. Dayton Audio B652 is great to deal with people who love the high-quality sound. Not like Micca MB42X, Dayton B652 doesn’t have an attractive appearance and its size is way too big for a pair of bookshelf speakers. But the large size of drivers built-in allows these speakers to produce good quality of sound, especially low-frequency sounds (bass). Notice that this is a passive speaker which means you have to connect it to an amplifier and if you don’t have one, I recommend $25 Lepai LP-2020A+. You can get this big guy through Amazon.

Best Portable Best Bookshelf Speakers

If you like working outside your room or participating in outdoor activities, a wired speaker isn’t a good option for you. I’ll recommend you some bookshelf speakers that you can carry along to many places to enjoy the music.

Micca MB42X
  • Bluetooth Speaker Portable
  • Px5 Water-Resistant/li>


special bookshelf speaker. The first impression is that it looks like a military accessory, strong and hard to break. Most parts of it are made from silicon to prevent the speaker from being damaged. Especially, it is waterproof and light (its weight is only 1.2 pounds) so that you can carry it along to the beach or swimming pool. The setup process is simple, you just have to connect it to an audio player (mobile phone, tablet, PC) through Bluetooth connection. Its sound quality is not surprising at this price range but it’s good enough to rock your small pool party or to help you enjoy music at the beach.

 Aether Cone Best Bookshelf Speakers

Like SONOS’s speakers, Aether Cone is a bookshelf speaker which is applied new technologies to bring new listening experience to people. It looks like a device comes from the future, modern and nice. It has the ability to learn your listening habit and you can control it through with your voice. Aether Cone can stream music from various online sources (require Wi-Fi connection) like a radio or play music from your Android/iOS phone, MAC through Bluetooth connection.

Best Bookshelf Speakers
  • its learns what you like
  • When you speak, Cone listens
  • Library With 30 million songs

The special thing about this strange piece of metal is that it can play music, learn, and listen. Yes, I’m serious right now. You just have to say your current mood or name of the song/artist and It will play the song you want to listen to. The sound quality is great and it works well while playing most genres of music. I know It’s not cheap for a bookshelf speaker but you should remember that they applied many new technologies in this speaker bring totally new experience to listeners, it’s worth the money you pay for.

Another amazing Bookshelf Speaker…

amazing Bookshelf Speaker
  • Recommended amplification
  • one 5.25 inch dynamic Woofer
  • 1 inch silk/polymer tweeter
  • high performance bookshelf speakers

Polk TSi100 is a pair of bookshelf speakers that I can’t categorize it into any category above. The design is classic. The wood grain design cabinet and the high gloss piano-finish black plate on the top make this pair look like superior speakers. With its small size, these speakers can fit many places in your room. Despite its size, its sound will amaze you if you use this pair for large rooms in your house. Unlike other small bookshelf speakers, this pair is able to play most genres of music at the high volume level with great quality of sound

The only disadvantage Polk TSi100 has is we must have an amplifier for it to play because it is a passive speaker. You can get this amazing pair of bookshelf speakers on Amazon.


Nowadays, there are many good bookshelf speakers for you to buy but remember that you should buy the best bookshelf speaker for yourself. Which one is the best? It depends on you. It may not have the best sound quality or the best appearance but if it has all you need and you love it, it’s the one you should buy.

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