The best wireless headphones 2020 | Definitive Buying Guide

Best Wireless Headphones 2020

Criteria to choose Best Wireless Headphones

In the wireless/wired headphones war, I prefer wireless (Bluetooth) headphones that can handle long trips (battery life), are over-the-ear, cancel sound, and are comfortable to carry.
Otherwise, might as well go wired, right? These wireless headphones of 2018 check all four criteria. They connect over Bluetooth.
22-hour battery life, are over-ear (none of that stick-in-my-ear business), cancel sounds just about everywhere, and fold like a professional poker player.

Wireless headphones offer unprecedented freedom of movement in contrast to conventional headphones. In addition, there is an advantage in digital radio headphones and Bluetooth headphones, that in contrast to analog alternatives, no noise floor makes noticeable.

What is a wireless headphone and what are its features?
The freedom of movement is probably the biggest advantage of wireless headphones. But television is also a real pleasure. The favorite movie can be watched at full volume without disturbing the dear neighbors. Because the sound is transmitted via the digital radio directly to the headphones and is audible only for the wearer. Depending on the design, the background noise, such as a calling girlfriend, reduced to a minimum. Just to watch television or listen to music undisturbed, wireless headphones are usually used. But what can these headphones and how do they work? What should be considered before buying? The wireless headphone test can provide the necessary information.

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How do the wireless headphones work?

The wireless headphones are offered as a pure headphone version or as a headset with a microphone. For example, the headset not only allows you to listen to music but also to talk on the phone. Whether in the office, in the car, or while cooking: the wireless headphones with or without a telephoning function are a useful purchase. But how is this wireless innovation possible? The data is transmitted wirelessly via digital radio to the headphones. The most well-known form of digital radio is Bluetooth. 

The Bluetooth headset is also a digital radio headphone. The headphones usually have a direct built-in battery. Headphones that receive data using conventional digital wireless and not Bluetooth technology work with a transmitter. 

The transmitter is a stationary device and is used for data transmission and as a charging station for the battery. Whether the fun headphones with the smartphone, MP3 player, TV, tablet or like to also be connected to the old record player: The transmission via digital radio is possible. The transmitter is simply connected with a jack plug to the audio device. This transmits the signal to the wireless headphones. 

Bluetooth headphones are only compatible with devices that also have a Bluetooth feature. A connection with older devices such as the just mentioned turntable is unfortunately not possible with Bluetooth. The freedom of movement is not only possible due to the lack of cables, but also due to a large transmission range. This can usually transfer the data to a neighboring room.

The design

The wireless headphones are available in two versions on the market: either as an on-ear or in-ear version. In-ear headphones, in German in-ear headphones, are getting used to most people, because they are plugged directly into the ear canal. 

By sealing the ear canal they can cause an unfamiliar feeling. However, this noise is minimized or ideally completely hidden. These headphones provide a tight fit that does not slip. An all-encompassing sound does not show this type. In addition, in-ear headphones are connected by cables. On the cables, the microphone and the setting options can be found like a volume control. On the streets, in the subway or at the university: The big headphones on the ear are back in fashion. 

This variant is particularly striking and is available in a wide variety of designs and colors. That the on-ear headphones are heavier than the in-ear versions, is probably understandable to all. The overhead earphones hold a headband over their head. 

The wireless headphones are particularly comfortable to wear.

 The on-ear headphones are popular for their design and comfort. Although they do not hide all the background noise but make a natural sound of itself. The headphones are also available with a neckband. Here the hanger is not on the head but on the neck. A still comfortable wearing should be made possible. In addition to these models, there are headphones that have a strap over the ear. 

Either the temple goes over into a plug, which eventually disappears into the ear canal or holds an ear-eared headphone clam. Accordingly, both models are possible in-ear and on-ear. The headphones with the strap over the ear provide a good sound and hide from the noise at the same time. In addition, these are good to wear and do not slip. 

The wireless headphone comparison shows which fit ultimately convinces. However, the in-ear variants, as already mentioned, have cables. These are the microphone or the volume control attached.

The right sound to choose best wireless headphones

A good wireless headphone should also have a good sound. The standard requirement for such a model is that the speech is clearly reproduced and the music is reproduced without noise. The sound of movies and all genres of music should be rendered in excellent quality. Because the outstanding sound is the essence of every wireless headphone. 

Playback quality depends on the digital signal, not on the headphones themselves. But high-quality wireless headsets can reproduce the receiving signal in better sound. How high-quality individual wireless headphones are processed, can be read in a wireless headphone test. The volume is also important for the right sound. 

Cause hearing damage to the consumer. For hearing-impaired people or hearing aid users, this volume is perfect. Because so the wireless headphones can be used without hearing aids and the sound can be sufficiently perceived.

The comfort

The wearing comfort is beside the sound the most important criterion of a radio headphone. If the favorite wireless headset is too loose or tweaking and hurts, you should use another device. Which model offers the best wearing feeling, can be read in a radio headphone test. 

Most supra models are more comfortable to wear than in-ear headphones. But this does not always have to be the case. If the headphones sit well for a few minutes, that does not mean that it will sit comfortably for several hours. 

Here it is necessary to try out the headphones longer and exchange them for emergency. The exchange right is only possible with an online purchase, since the legal 14-day right of return applies here. In retail, the tried-and-tested product is withdrawn at most out of goodwill. Not only the right fit is a factor of wearing comfort, also the weight is crucial. 

Too heavy headphones can cause discomfort and even headaches. Too light headphones are also not the right choice. Headphones under 500 grams may slip off the ear. That’s really no fun wearing! The manufacturers offer headphones in all colors and shapes. From neon pink to black: every taste is considered. With the recommendations of a wireless headphone comparison, the right design can be selected for you. 

That’s really no fun wearing! The manufacturers offer headphones in all colors and shapes. From neon pink to black: every taste is considered. With the recommendations of a wireless headphone comparison, the right design can be selected for you. 

The range of best wireless headphones

A sufficient range also proves to be a quality feature of a good wireless headphone. A range of 25 meters alone in the apartment promises enough freedom of movement. Caution is advised when manufacturers speak of a transmission range of up to 100 meters. 

This is hardly possible because of walls or sources of interference. Realistic values ​​of range are 25 feet through walls. If the quality of playback decreases rapidly as you enter the next room, an inferior unit has been purchased. To protect yourself from this, a wireless headphone test can be used as a decision-making aid.

The battery

The wireless headphones can either be equipped with an integrated battery or be powered by batteries. If a battery is present, the running and charging time should be checked. With a small battery life you do not have much fun with the headphones. 

If not even a full-length movie can be seen, the wireless headset should be replaced with a new one. An external charging station or a charging cable fully recharges the empty battery of the Bluetooth headphones. 

The transmitter of the digital radio headphones is in most cases charging stations and data carriers in one. If the loading time is several hours, fast reuse is not possible. Thus, you should pay attention to low charge time and long-lasting use of the battery before buying.

Purchase criteria for a wireless headphones

In order to find the right headphone, the large selection in the market should be considered. Although different models are taken into account in the wireless headphones comparison, we do not claim to be complete. The headphones differ in quality and workmanship, in price and in design. The wireless headphones comparison winner best fulfills the various requirements in the radio headphone test.

What categories of wireless headphones are there?
Fit and type

1. Bow headphones usually have a loose fit and lightweight comfort.
2. In-ear headphones are worn in the ear cup, as the name suggests, and provide a secure fit.
3. The over-ear headphones with an over-head headband are usually the most sensible design for wireless headphones, as they are comfortable to wear and the type of construction provides the most rounded sound.

What do you have to consider when buying headphones online?

Sound Quality:

A round headphone sound is the essence of a good headphone. You should be able to expect everything from a costly headset: It should be able to play every genre well and make a good impression on films. If you love wireless headphones Hi-Fi, you should also grab a good copy, since the requirements of sound reproduction can be high.


In order for a headphone to ultimately be worth the money and to be retained for a long time, the processing and longevity of the headphone are extremely important points, regardless of the type of headset. Signs of an inferior headset include premature wear on the pinna or loss of earhook resistance. High quality headphones often have leather earcups.

Rechargeable battery :

Wireless headphones are rechargeable and are usually supplied with the associate charging station. The battery life, as well as the charging time, is extremely crucial. Too short a runtime can quickly lead to frustrating moments: If the battery life of a headset, for example, only one to two hours, so is hardly a whole movie with him to look. In return, the loading time should be as short as possible.

Weight and comfort: 

These should always consider together, as too high a weight can quickly lead to malaise or even headache. On the other hand, if the weight is too light, headphones may slip easily. Are the earpieces too tight or loose, does the stirrup push, or does it not adjust to a comfortable position? It’s best to keep your hands off such specimens. For example, headphones with a weight of about 500 g are no longer easy to describe.

Transmission quality and range: 

Without a good range, a wireless headset is almost useless. For example, if you have caught a copy whose transmission does not even reach the next room, or whose transmission quality decreases rapidly with increasing range, these are characteristics of a bad wireless headset. Our wireless headphone comparison should save you from such copies.

The right headphone for you

So a wireless headset is for you when mobility is important to you, and you can handle a slight reduction in sound quality. If you are looking explicitly for headphones for sports activities, we can recommend our sports headphones comparison.

What is more recommendable: a wireless headset or a Bluetooth headset?

Wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones have pros and cons, but the trend is towards Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth, which was developed in the 1990s, is also a radio-based type of transmission, but has only found increasing use in the last 10 years. 

In the wireless headphone range, Bluetooth headphones amplify wireless headsets. In general, Bluetooth devices have a more secure transmission and are less prone to interference. 

A major disadvantage of Bluetooth headphones is the compatibility with older devices. Even today, not every device that you can use with headphones is compatible with Bluetooth. Digital headphones offer a good but expensive middle ground.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the advantages of a wireless headphone, this also has certain disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages can found in this table:


-freedom of movement
-compatible with older devices for digital radio
-Bluetooth headphones without a stationary transmitter
-no cable break possible
-no cable that is too far or too short


-susceptible to interference by other radio technology
-limited range
-deteriorated sound quality due to greater distance


The wireless headphone offers the buyer added value over the wired version. The high sound quality, freedom of movement and a reasonable range are important criteria for a good wireless headphone. 

Such a model makes it possible to listen to music with reduced or no background noise and that throughout the home. Thus, Beethoven’s second symphony sounds in full sound as the steam broom is swung and rich hip-hop sounds come to the ears while on the clothes horse and the neighbor gets nothing from everything. 

The trend is clearly over to the Bluetooth headphones. These have a lossless transmission and are less susceptible to interference than digital headphones. 

However, Bluetooth headphones are not compatible with older devices. Their sound and their range, however, convince the consumer. The design, the technology, and the design will ultimately influence the buyer in his decision. 

In the end, all that matters is that the wearer can enjoy his beloved music with the wireless headsets and some freedom of movement. Whether it’s classical music, rock’n’roll or death metal, it does not matter.

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