Bluedio DF610 an GOgroove Review: Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

As you know, Bluetooth headphones allow us to enjoy music, movies and more, without the concern of being tangled up in wires. This convenience is even more appreciated with a pair of Bluetooth headphones that also offer noise-cancelling technology. This review will take a look at two noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones, the Bluedio DF610 over the ear headphones and the GOgroove AudiOHM ear buds, to give you an idea of which may be best for you.

Size & Comfort Considerations

The Bluedio DF610 – Be Fly Revolution Headphones have some very unique features that make them an excellent choice for your audio needs. The headband is flexible and can be folded up, to make it easier for you to transport. It also comes with a built-in Micro SD card slot for all of the files that you may need to transfer.

The GOgroove, on the other hand, are so small that you will not need to allocate much travel space when taking these ear buds with you. While the Bluedio DF610goes over your ears and head, the GOgroove fits comfortably into your ear with silicon ear gel inserts. Both of these products get great reviews in regards to how comfortable they are and how light they feel on your head, so really it is up to your preference of what you are looking for. Do you want a more bulky headset, or a slender ear bud? The size difference does not make a big difference in noise quality, as both offer great sound and clarity.

Wireless Range

Another important factor to consider when purchasing noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones is the distance that you can go from your device, while the Bluetooth still works. The Bluedio DF610 boasts that it offers between 30-65 feet. That is quite the varying range, but multiple users have responded by saying that this range is pretty close to 45-feet. This is more than most other Bluetooth devices.

The GOgroove has a distance range of close to 20-feet. Depending on what you are doing and the space that you will be using your headset, the Bluedio DF610 could give you the few extra feet you need. However, if 20-feet will accommodate what you need, the GOgroove will be more than enough.

The Noise-Cancelling Technology

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”B00AIY8672″ locale=”us”]Whether you are on a flight with a crying baby or at work and need to zone out all the external sound, noise-cancelling technology is an appreciated benefit that comes with both of these sets. Depending on the size of your ear and the ear canal, will probably determine which of these sets will work better for you.

The GOgroove comes with multiple silicon inserts to try and get the perfect fit for all of its customers. That said, everyone has different sized ear canals and getting it to fit right can sometimes be troublesome. If you have any excess room, you may notice that the noise cancelling does not work quite as well as it would for someone who fits the ear buds perfectly.

On the other hand, the Bluedio DF610 goes over the entire ear and many people have raved over how well they cancel out external noise. While the playing field is probably quite close, the Bluedio DF610 may get a bit of an advantage here.


The last important factor to consider is price. This is where these similar products really differ. The GOgroove is a phenomenal deal and can usually be purchased for under $30. The Bluedio DF610, however, retails Under $30. If you are on a budget, the GOgroove may be the better choice; but if you are willing to spend more, the Bluedio DF610 is worth the higher price.

Both of these noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are perfect for your audio needs. It will really come down to which you find more appealing and more desirable that will determine which one you should purchase.

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