Sony HTCT80 SoundBar Review ( Wireless Subwoofer )

The Sony HTCT80 is the best soundbar that comes with great sound experience and the huge amount of good customer response makes it super soundbar product by sony but we can not rely on customer response. We will review it by ourselves. 

The Sony HTCT80 sound system for your living room or for your custom setup diving.

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Sony HTCT80 Design

The Sony HT-CT80 soundbar has a simple design it is all black and it looks pretty stealthy. the body of the soundbar is made out of plastic from a distance it looks like a quality product. The back of the soundbar where the sony logo is it looks like it’s leather but it is actually plastic while the front of the soundbar is covered with fabric.

Behind the Sony HTCT80 soundbar, there are holes so you can mount it on the wall then near the left side are the ports there are two ports optical out and a headphone jack it’s a pretty slim Soundbar.

The overall design of the system is not bad at all most interesting thing is matte finish 90% of the whole Mini is in mat take your leave a matte finish is hard to find anywhere these days not to mention this is not the most expensive system in its category.

SONY HT‑CT80 Design

SONY HT‑CT80 Connectivity

Based on the Sony HTCT80 soundbar you get 3.5 millimeters audio jack and optical input port which each cable is provided by the way USB input and finally Bluetooth support all these connections are plug-and-play you can switch between them on the fly.

You can have stop plug into the unit then switch between them with the remote control it works well it is responsive as well to the far left is your USB input the opposite side you will find options like power on and off button, audio inputs switcher Bluetooth pairing button then volume up and down controls just to be clear all these are accessible via remote control.

SONY HT‑CT80 Connectivity

Soundbar Dimensions

The Sony HT-CT80 is 90.1 centimeters in width and 5.2 centimeters in height due to the plastic build this weighs is 4.41 pounds or two kgs.

On the right side of the soundbar on top of the soundbar, there are LED lights that indicate which mode you’re in.

Now let’s talk about the soundbar it’s all black it is also made out of plastic it is 17-centimeters wide and 34.2 centimeters high and it weighs in at 5.5 kilograms or 12.13-pounds.

Sony HT-CT80 Soundbar Dimensions

Sony HTCT80 Remote Control

The remote control gets most of the attraction in Sony HTCT80. because that’s where all the future’s to control a system based on the major ones or if you want to have full control of the system the remote control is pretty simple to use making switching between the inputs pretty straightforward this includes switching between the USB, Bluetooth, optical and even analog with just a button press.

Also on the remote control, the volume increased and decrease is placed almost in the middle making it easier to access. you have an option to switch between folders on the USB that you plug into the device especially if you have different generals of music in different folders. 

You can also control the Sony HTCT80 soundbar with the physical buttons.

Sony HT-CT80 Remote Controll
Sony HT-CT80 Remote Controll

Soundbar’s Subwoofer

Subwoofer being Wireless everything is simple and sounds better you can put the subwoofer behind your head or behind you while the soundbar is in front of you giving you the total surround sound experience.

The bass of the subwoofer can produce solid you can definitely feel the floor shake. With that being said the subwoofer has a single 130-millimeter driver the two drivers on the soundbar are located on the front but never use that without a subwoofer.

Because in the Sony HTCT80 there are a couple of cool features that make this soundbar stand out it has ClearAudio+ it’s going to optimize audio formats to deliver a consistently clear high-quality sound no matter what kind of music you listen to.

There’s another feature called s master digital amplifier it reproduces digital audio signals without the multiple analog stages required by a traditional amplifier which results in more power and less distortion caused by heat then there’s a virtual surround sound where it creates a realistic 3-dimensional sound field using only the left and right speaker channels.

Sony HTCT80 Sound Quality

Audio quality wise by far this is the best sounding soundbar I’ve reviewed the Bose solo 5 soundbars, LG sh2 Soundbar, Samsung’s HW-km36, Vizio SP 38:20 soundbar all of these soundbars and I gotta say this is my favorite.

How does it sound

How does Sony HTCT80 sound you may ask especially the base for most of you base is not heavy. the base of the system is wider the type that will vibrate your ceiling if you are into speakers and music you probably know what I’m referring to here they can get pretty loud and mostly clear when ramping up the volume that is one of the few devices that ramping up the volume does not destroy the music about 90% of the time you should experience this to believe it.

Also, don’t forget that your music quality plays a huge role when it comes to the performance of your sound system

How does it sound

Minor Issue

The only problem I had with the Sony HTCT80 sound system was a tenant itself off after every 15 minutes they turn out that other people were having this issue was him too worked out for most people was to increase the volume of the TV that decrease the volume through the sound system this seemed to work out just throwing that out there in case you come across this issue.


Overall I really liked the looks of the subwoofer the Sun bar doesn’t look bad either I also appreciated ton of inputs ranging from wired to wireless and the fact that you can have all these inputs hooked up to different devices and use the remote to switch between them when you need to make the switch

As a whole unit, The Sony HTCT80 performs well it looks good in my opinion there’s less cable you have to deal with making it easier to cable managed the consistency of matte finish across the whole sound system gives it this mature looks to it which will make it looks nice in your living room.

Watching movies on this almost felt like I was in a movie theater the base is outstanding for its price the audio quality sounds crystal-clear and this can get really loud.

Be careful I warned you for the price the soundbar is totally worth it. 🙂

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